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Minot, ND Team

Mel Johansen

Mel Johansen is one of our Sales Consultants in our Minot Store. She has 15 years of experience and has been with Home of Economy/Amish Gallery for 5 months. Mel loves the quality of the product she is selling. She enjoys changing up the display room. One of her favorite collections is the Brooklyn Bedroom set. 

"(The) new items that come in are always a fresh experience."

TJ Pfau

TJ is another of our Sales Consultants. He has been selling furniture for 6 year and with Home of Economy/Amish Gallery for 1 year. He enjoys the fact that we are selling Quality Furniture. Also, he likes the feeling he gets when he sells great merchandise the other store may not offer. One of his favorite collections is the brown maple Galveston table.